Top 10 Worst Breakfast Foods To Eat In The Morning

9. A Bagel With Cream Or Butter Cheese

Worst Breakfast Foods - Bagels

Most bagels do not have protein and a single bagel is equivalent to 5 slices of white bread.

You can make this meal nutritious by opting for a whole-wheat version, consuming half and spreading on a healthy topping like peanut butter or mashed avocado.

10. Burger On A Burn

Worst Breakfast Foods - Burgers

Not all burgers are unhealthy; it all depends on how they were prepared.

A burger patty prepared with healthy meat only will not harm you.

But if you are going to lather it with a sugar packed sauce, you will be doing more harm than good to yourself.

Do not be swindled by the idea of taking it with salad or greasy chips is better either.

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