15 Amazing Rich Vitamin Super Foods to Eat for Build Muscles : Bodybuilding

8. Black Beans: 22g Protein (44% DV)

The first non-meat item of our protein foods list is black beans, which pack a whopping 22 grams of protein into a 100 gram serving.

It’s not only black beans that rank highly in protein, many other beans have respectable protein numbers, such as navy beans, soybeans, lima beans, kidney beans, and more.

Black beans and other beans are also fantastic sources of soluble fiber, which will help you feel full, and balance your blood sugar. It’s nice that you can get both a protein portion and a fiber portion from the same food, as many high-protein items are devoid of fiber.

Tips for eating more: Black beans as well as other types of beans make a great side dish for a grilled chicken breast or steak. They also factor into many Mexican-themed dishes. Add them to soups and chilis for more texture, flavor, and protein.

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