15 Amazing Rich Vitamin Super Foods to Eat for Build Muscles : Bodybuilding

5. Lamb Loin: 25g Protein (50% DV)

Lamb makes it onto the top 5, and provides you with half of the protein you need for the day with a 100 gram serving. It’s easy to see how you could make up the other 50% with other foods throughout the day, and of course each person’s protein needs are a little different.

When you eat lamb you’ll also be topping up your iron reserves. Your body will make quick use of the iron from lamb, so you avoid the problems of iron absorption often found with iron supplementation.

Lamb is often thought of as a fatty meat, and isn’t the most popular meat in America, ranking higher in popularity in other countries like France, Australia, or Britain.

Tips for eating more: Lamb can be used much like beef in most recipes, but there are also plenty of delicious ways to cook lamb. Lamb chops or rack of lamb are two examples, and there are several Indian dishes that use lamb and complement it with an amazing array of spices and seasonings.

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