15 Amazing Rich Vitamin Super Foods to Eat for Build Muscles : Bodybuilding


4. Swiss Cheese: 25g Protein (50% DV)

Swiss cheese is a protein powerhouse, but you probably won’t want to eat a 100g serving in order to meet half of your protein needs. That would be a lot of cheese in one sitting, and you have to factor in the other qualities of cheese when thinking of your protein needs.

Swiss cheese and other cheese are also a good source of calcium, so you’re not only helping to meet your protein requirements, you’re getting a good amount of calcium. Just one ounce of Swiss cheese gives you a fifth of the calcium you need for the day.

Many cheeses in addition to Swiss cheese are high in protein. Consider mozzarella, which at 22g protein from the same 100g serving is no slouch in the protein department. Just be aware of the fat and cholesterol content of whichever cheese you go with and balance the pros and cons of using it to meet your protein needs.

Tips for eating more: Cheese helps improve the taste of many foods and is often added to the top of chili, Mexican dishes, and more to give them their distinct flavor. Make a Protein Pizza with lean meats found on this list as well as protein-packed vegetables for the toppings, and shredded mozzarella used for the cheese.

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