15 Amazing Rich Vitamin Super Foods to Eat for Build Muscles : Bodybuilding

2. Pork Chop: 27g Protein (54% DV)

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Pork chops secure the number two spot for protein rich foods, rivaling chicken breast for the amount of protein they contain.

Pork often takes a backseat to chicken and beef when it comes to popular meat choices, but lean cuts of pork offer plenty of protein without a lot of fat. It’s the fattier versions of pork like bacon and ham that have given it the reputation of being a fatty meat. But just as there are fattier pieces of beef and chicken, you can be selective with your pork and use it as a regular protein source.

Like any meat you’ll want to make sure that you are having a serving of vegetables with it to help your digestive system process it. Animal sources of protein contain no fiber of their own and need an assist in the way of a vegetable.

Tips for eating more: As long as you go with boneless pork chops you’ll be getting similar numbers to chicken breast, and pork chops can be cooked up very similarly to chicken breast, providing your meal with the protein needed to make it complete.

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