10 Mistakes People Make The First Time Do Their Work Out : Bodybuilding

10. You Forget To Stretch

It may seem slow and inefficient when it comes to burning calories, but stretching helps prepare your body for the exercise it’s about to get and cool down from the intensity it just received. In fact, stretching leads to greater outcomes in one of the most important aspects of exercise: flexibility. By increasing your body’s ability to “touch your toes,” for example, you will find it easier to squat, deadlift, pull up and complete a ton of different flexibility-related exercises many of which probably seemed more difficult before.

Stretching is also protection against getting hurt. “It is super easy to get injured during a workout without warming up and getting the body ready for exercise! It’s important to take at least 10 minutes at the beginning of a workout to increase the blood flow to the muscles,” says Gottlieb. Stretching also helps minimize any discomfort, whether it be lower back pain, in your knees, or your in your arms. Soreness is minimized because stretching helps improve blood circulation. It allows the body to cool down and helps slow down a racing heartbeat after experiencing rates of great intensity.

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