10 Mistakes People Make The First Time Do Their Work Out : Bodybuilding

6. You Don’t Notice Improvement

Change takes time. It In fact, it may take a couple of weeks to see your visible changes in your body. But, there are other great benefits that happen faster and you may not be giving yourself enough credit for those. “People often get discouraged when starting an exercise routine, because they didn’t immediately drop a dress size or 10 pounds,” says Dr. Ochiai. “Exercise has many benefits, including better sleep and better concentration and an overall feeling of well-being. Remember to look for these changes for positive reinforcement initially.” To help track your progress, consider keeping a journal, and log what you’re eating, your exercise routine, and how you’re feeling. This way, when you notice an emerging soreness or injury, you can look back with a health professional on your daily habits and try to pinpoint a catalyst.

7. You Don’t Fuel Properly

You wouldn’t fill a fancy sports car with the regular gas, would you? The same goes for your body. If you’re asking it for a premium performance, you have to keep it fueled properly. Before the gym, it’s important to eat a meal that will provide your body with the energy and support it needs to fully push yourself. So, steer clear of the worst healthy snacks for weight loss. As for not eating at all? That’s a bad idea. When we don’t eat before a workout, the chances of feeling weak mid-way through are higher — and that only gives you more excuses to slash your workout time. “People who are new to exercise often don’t take into consideration the importance of pre- and post-workout meals,” Jennifer Leah Gottlieb, personal trainer, and creator and founder of JLG Fitness explains. “If they don’t eat the right combination of proteins and carbs before and after working out, they can have difficulty maintaining energy and recovering properly.” For what to eat before you pump iron, check out our exclusive report: The Best Protein To Eat Before Every Workout.

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