10 Mistakes People Make The First Time Do Their Work Out : Bodybuilding

4. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Drinking water can get tedious, but that’s where detox water changes the fitness game. When it comes to getting fit, hydration is key. Not only does consuming the recommended water intake (64 ounces) a day boost your chances of achieving your weight-loss goals, but it helps make your day-to-day activity at the gym so much easier. Water helps to both boost your energy levels and helps your muscles stay pliable. H2O acts as a lubricant for your muscles and joints, and being hydrated helps to prevent feelings of stiffness and increases your body’s strength and flexibility.

5. You Challenge Yourself Too Much

If you think you’ll be able to complete the same spin or barre workout as your friend who’s been going since 2012, think again. Instead, celebrity trainer Michael Blauner suggests that you start with something that’s a bit easier. “You want to feel like you’re working but you don’t want to be incapacitated the next day! (I’ve heard many people say that they pushed or were pushed too hard the first time and they never went back to it),” he says. Don’t fall into that trap. It’s okay to walk in the middle of your jog, and it’s okay to take a breather. In fact, it’s better for you, because you’ll be more likely to be pleased with yourself if you chose to slow down and were able complete the workout rather than feeling like you couldn’t do it at all. Result: You’ll go back and do it again.

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