10 Mistakes People Make The First Time Do Their Work Out : Bodybuilding

2. You Compete Against the Wrong Person

The gym can quickly become a self-confidence-destroying zone. Becoming your fittest self takes time and everyone has their own set of limits when it comes to the ways and speed at which their bodies can grow in strength. “Instead of trying to match weights or pace with the person next to you, try to compete against yourself, and incrementally increase [your personal best,]” says Dr. Ochiai. You can be your biggest competition and your best supporter, too!

3. You Try To Cram A Workout In

Slow and steady wins the race always. Just like with dieting, the best results are the ones you achieve over time. Dr. Ochiai explains that rushing a workout is never a bright idea: “Everyone is busy, but don’t try to cram in extra weight or intensity if you’re pressed for time.” Instead, he recommends that you take it easy. Build in a warm up time, such as on a bike, before starting the rest of your work out,” he says. One suggestion: Pencil in the amount of time you’ll need each day to achieve those body shaping goals. By giving yourself permission in this way, you’ll be more satisfied with your workout at the end of each period and you’ll be more likely to actually complete your goals. Chances are if you feel the time is crammed you’ll give yourself more reasons to not work out at all.

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