10 Mistakes People Make The First Time Do Their Work Out : Bodybuilding

With the hardest part over getting started the best is yet to come. But, for many first timers at the gym, the busy scene can be quite frightening. Unsure of what to do, you may walk on the treadmill, or attempt to pump some iron. You’re likely to spot someone who appears as if they know what they are doing, and your gut may tell you to do what they do. Copying your neighbor may seem like enough to learn the swing of the ropes, but unfortunately it isn’t.

In fact, a mentality like that can get you injured, and cause you to overwork certain parts of your body. You could even be doing everything wrong, even if it feels right! To unveil the most common workout mistakes beginners make in the gym, we reached out to three fitness experts. The first steps in remedying these bad habits, or not picking them up at all, is knowing what they are. And that’s why we’re pointing them out.

And as you read this list, don’t sweat it. You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Banish these 10 common workout mistakes, and your journey to reach your weight loss goal will be a whole lot easier. And to make your goal even easier still, check out our list with 44 Ways to Lose 4 Inches of Body Fat.

1. You’re Over Enthusiastic

The rookie mistake when you get your first paycheck? Spend it all. The same goes the first time you hit the gym, as well. You put all of your energy into one session. Boom! Bring on the exhaustion. Which then, may provide you with reasons to create to excuses the next time you should be working out. It can also lead to injury. Dr. Derek Ochiai, a board certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine expert, explains: “Deciding to push yourself hard and fast from the getgo increases the chances of overuse tendonitis, which can be a reason or excuse to stop going to the gym.” Instead, don’t be afraid to ease into your new activity. In fact, there are plenty of simple ways to boost your weight-loss goals, and most of them don’t even involve the gym! Check out these 31 Sneaky Ways To Work Out Without Hitting The Gym.

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